Rabbits, Dogs, now … Mouse

No new blog entry yesterday, I must confess that I did not have one scheduled earlier, but then when I was settling down to write a nice article this morning, I spilled my big mug of tea all over my keyboard, notes, invoices and my mouse. I’ve done this thing once before when I was working as an engineer, so I know how bad sticky tea can be to electronics…. BAD! I wiped out the keyboard that last time. This time I made a frantic effort to whip the battery out of the keyboard, and turn it at a good angle to drain properly. When everything was cleaned (or so I thought), I put my hand on the mouse, and lifted it gently off the mat. Tea literally flowed out of it. The prognosis was bad. Infra-red optical part was not flashing, I shook it frantically to get out all the liquid. New batteries, still no good. I opened it up and tried to clean it as much as possible inside. No response. It sat over the cooker before dinner, so it could dry out quickly. The flashing red light came back … but there was no communication between it and the computer *sob*.

I spent half an hour trying to maneuver my way around windows. It gets very tricky and frustrating when you can only tab your way around. (It might be a good way to test out how easily frustrated people can get.) So I gave up, and decided to get a new mouse when I was in town next.

The brother D was on the blower later and said there was a spare one upstairs. mmmm, a fancy new one to play with (for a while). It’s got a slightly different shape, and is built for a person with long fingers (not my short stubby little ones) …. but it is funny because it has a fan inside it … to cool the palm of your hand …. like it’s going to sweat or something with all the mouse pushing that I’ll be up to … and the fan makes a racket!

So I’ve still promised to get myself a new mouse, that is quiet, simple, optical, and watertight.

The picture shows the old and the new on my desk. Hmmmm, the new one looks kinds space aged or something. What you can’t see are the wear marks on the old mouse. I didn’t notice them until looked close. I have to ask where the paint went to? Interestingly enough, from the picture, you may notice the mouse-mat I use is actually the backing cardboard cover of a notepad. It’s much better than any mouse-mat that I’ve ever come across. It didn’t handle the tea wetting very elegantly though 😦 A good mouse mat would have been a winner there. You’ll probably also notice the mess on the desk … some day now, I’m going to have one of those manic cleanup sessions … some day now!

This is the inside of my old Dell Logitech mouse. How complex can these things get. Back in the good old days of the rollerball, there was no circuit board. Everything was simple … and they worked for ages. whatever happened to simplicity of design? Such is the evolution of hardware these days. … And, my attempt to draw a spiral (under the mouse) is pretty awful.


2 comments so far

  1. laurie on

    doug did this with tea a couple of years ago. we didn’t think to take the battery out and ended up getting a new keyboard.

    i used to have a tiny wireless mouse for the laptop, but someone dropped it on the floor and that was the end of that.

    it’s amazing how this stuff is both extremely powerful, and extremely fragile at the same time.

  2. rough hands on

    I think it happens to lots of people. Of course it won’t stop me putting the tea between my hands when I’m typing on the keyboard!!!

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