Autumn II

It’s the second week in November, since last August we haven’t seen any rain, wind or frost. The delicate plants are still surviving, and some might say flourishing.

The red one at the front is a Begonia. For a flower that us usually there for a few weeks in the late summer, this one has outlasted all the others. It’s nested in a nice sheltered spot, if a little dark to be honest cos it’s under some big trees. Well maybe it’s flowering well now because the leaves have come off the trees and it’s getting some much needed sunlight. I can’t say to be sure. The Kaffir Lillies in the background are flying too. This is their time of year. My aunt says that for most of the year, you think it’s a big ugly weed, but when they come out at this time of the year, they add wonderful colour to any garden. They can be got in lots of different colours, not just pink!

All this good weather in November comes at a price. The grass in the front garden has grown long and thick. My mum says she would like to put some sheep in there to keep it trimmed.  I would love to … but I fear she’s not serious. Tut tut, sheep in the front garden … what next, dogs in the house!!!


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  1. laurie on

    no rain since august? but you had such a rainy first half of the summer, didn’t you?

    lovely picture. your begonias are different from ours–ours have waxy-looking blossoms, and they like shade.

  2. rough hands on

    Yes, we had terrible weather from june 15th until august 25th .. and super weather since then. Ok, we’ve had an odd drop of rain totaling about three inches in those 11 weeks, so that really doesn’t count as rain really. the year before last, on October 20th, we got five inches on the day, which would be more like it for that time of year.
    Yes, the begonias are lovely alright, even if they do require some care. They give a bright colour to the garden. But now I see my mum has dug them up before any hint frost does arrive. It’s supposed to get cold at the end of the coming week with polar winds for a few days.

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