Rising Quickly?

It feels like I’ve been falling slowly for an eternity now … so it’s about time I got everything sorted and started posting here soon. I hope everyone had a very nice and a peaceful Christmas. Other than being abandoned for a few days, I had a quite relaxing Christmas, which was then followed by a big surprise. But it has been a nice few weeks for everyone.Here’s the Christmas tree which is destined to be uprooted tomorrow 😦 The picture does not show the star on top … and it has my shoulder too, but for now I can’t take another photo ‘cos my camera has been temporarily kidnapped. Anyway, Happy Womens Christmas to all the women out there.

Christmas Tree 2007

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  1. laurie on

    oh yeah–women’s christmas! i’ve read about this. isn’t it celebrated primarily in the cork area? and does it involve anything more than going to the pubs and making the men stay at home?

    (a fine tradition! one i celebrate about once a month all year long!)

    i hope your big surprise was a good one. nice to have you back. that’s a lovely window, and a lovely tree.

  2. mike on

    Well, being from the general Cork area, we always grew up with it, though I know my sister in law from Donegal never celebrated it (she thought it a good idea too).
    When we were very young, all my mums siblings (3 aunts, 2 uncles) and their families would come to our house and we would celebrate for the whole day and well into the night. More often than not it was snowing that same day too.
    I can’t say it involves going to the pub much because we’ve never been much of a drinking family, but it’s more like a day when the women can stop go and visit friends and family all day, and generally just enjoy themselves without any of the normal pressures of life on them

  3. laurie on

    well, that sounds pretty good to me.

    it snows in cork? when i was there i saw palm trees in cobh! that’s quite an extreme of weather.

  4. mike on

    I’m not sure about palm trees in cobh. i would guess it rarely freezes there because it is so close to the sea. To be honest, it rarely freezes or snows here (I’m up in north west Cork county) but when I was young we always had a few days of snow in the winter where we could not go to school (we tried our best not to) and we spent the day playing in the snow … but then again we never seemed to get any more than 6 inches of the white stuff)
    We have no temperature extremes here. Our average temperatures are about 45F in the winter and 65F in the summer. I’ve never seen it get as low as 20F or up to 85F on a hot day

  5. Laurie on

    this will give me an excuse to dig out my pictures from that trip. i’m certain there were palm trees. not lots of them–not like in Los Angeles, buddy. but little ones. i swear i am not hallucinating.

    other high points of cobh: a bagpipe festival. well, ok, that could also be a low point, depending on your view of bagpipes.

    and some kind of processional from the catholic church through the streets of the town and back to the church again….

  6. Jaxz Design on

    Happy New Year, good to see you posting again

  7. nightskyspy on

    Rising quickly … cowdunghands – you seem to have risen very quickly and left with no trace since January. Has it anything to do with the big surprise?

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