I’m looking at you, but you just don’t know it!

Just wandering through the internet, and well just life in general. Everything is interesting to me, but it’s all about finding the right questions to ask, and not asking for the sake of it. But enough about that we all need to smile, and to laugh at ourselves. We’ve all become too serious these days … wanting everything and wanting it now. Ahhh, i couldn’t be arsed really with that sort of thing. I just want to understand, and to smile. That’s all.

About me: phew, a dairy farmer in the South-West of Ireland.Once had a previous life as a software engineer / designer (and a bloody good one at that too!) … but the draw was always there to get back under the sun and rain during the days, so I gave up the day job a few years back and headed for the hills… and i haven’t looked back since. What do I like … well everything to be honest. I’ve a thirst for knowledge and understanding … but i can’t possibly take everything in now can I. You know what they say about farmers is that they know a little about everything, and not very much about any one thing. Well, that’s me … but it gets me by.


This was my previous “About” page. I will have to modify it in due course when i get a little time, but all the same it’s interesting. I don’t think I’ve changed much in the last six months or so 🙂

A dairy farmer located in the south west of Ireland. I used to be a software engineer, but i decided I’d prefer the fresh air. Have hardly looked back since.

We’ve a small dairy farm with 75 cows and another couple of hundred bovine running around the place. We’re kept busy on the average day. I live with my parents who help me withe the odds and ends on the farm, and my brother who is an architect from home too.

I have a wide range of interests outside the farm

  • Involved in the local community: committees, website, fundraising etc etc
  • I play soccer and hurling, but I’d have a keen interest in most sports
  • I do some ceili dancing
  • play a little music (to myself and the dogs mostly)
  • Listen to a lot of music. Mostly indie and instrumental. (There should be a good selection on the blog, so watch out for it)
  • Oh yeah, computers. I’d be the local “jim’ll fix it” person. But i’m really a software person down deep.

I’d be a very logical type of person and I’d think everything through before I attempt anything. Spontaneous, probably not … but i break out every now and again.
Here’s some ideals I try to live by:

  • Try to learn something new every day. (Keep things interesting)
  • Try to bring a little light to someones life every day. (It’ll make them happy and me too!)

… I’m not finished my profile, i’ll have to think about it a little more… lets just say it’s constantly in Beta…


6 comments so far

  1. shane morris on

    love the blog, keep it up……nice to read real farmers opinions

  2. Great to find a ‘proper’ farmer blog, unlike my own!

  3. mike on

    Thanks Rebecca, i’ve been busy for a long time now with farm stuff and before that with important farm stuff. So i lost my focus here. I won’t be starting again right away, but i do want to. It’s hard to get time sometimes … especially at the moment when i’m getting up at 7 and getting to bed about midnight … with not much else but work in between … and t hen my girlfriend is wondering where i’ve disappeared to. All i can say is that it’s calving season….. i don’t think that she fully understands, but she may someday.
    And, yes I did find that there were no real blogs about everyday farming life in Ireland. Of course it could get very repetitive with the words “it rained today” in about 300 days of the year!
    but someday soon, i will pick it up and start taking my camera out and about again. I just have to get a little time for myself along the way

  4. laurie on

    we’re patient. you’re in my bloglines. you update, we’ll be back.
    hope calving season went well, and that it’s truly not raining all the time.

  5. rosemary Allen on

    I was looking for a dairy discussion group in Wiltshire – no sign of it on google but saw your site and was tempted. As you are a dairy farmer and a software person, I think you might like TDM – software for dairy farmers. Based on cow chemistry to get the feed balance right and use grass effectively all the year round, it offers farmers the opportunity to build their own ration with available ingredients to raise yield AND keep BF at 4% without added/bypass fats, for maximum margin and healthy cows. Too good to be true? Other people say the same? Can they do it? No not as accurately and predictably as us. Go to either the above or totaldietmanagment. co.uk or email me back for more info

  6. mike on

    rosemary, on your your comment, but i don’t think your product applies to me at all. i’m a low input (grass mainly), low output (6500kg milk) kind of farm. i have no aspiration for very high yields, and my butterfat isn’t that much of a problem at all. i don’t like the idea of burning out the cow getting them to milk as much as possible in a short a space of time, so my cows generally hang around for 10 lactations.
    it doesn’t make sense to fiddle with what isn’t broken.
    thanks anyway

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