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Body found in Slurry Pit

News breaking this evening that a body of a person has been found in a slurry pit on a farm in West Cork, not too far from here. It is not thought to be the farmer or anyone working there, so it appears that someones body got dumped in there. Oh, that is so bad really. It could happen to me if someone came in the middle of the night and opened one of the hatches to the slurry pit, and threw someone in … well god only knows how it would turn out!

It makes me remember back to maybe around 1980 when I was a young nipper, and a sheep from some neighboring farm wandered into our yard, and made its own way into our open slurry pit (god be with the days of no health and safety). All we could see for months was these two horns looking up at you, but we weren’t going in after it, lest we suffer the same fate ourselves! So when we were emptying out the slurry some months later, all we found was bones and fleece. Nature was very efficient.

This now this is on top of quite a few deaths of farmers while at work lately. It’s a worrying trend … and It will obviously end up with more inspections and more rules and regulations to follow.

There isn’t much news on the story yet, but maybe tomorrow there will be something new, and I’ll update this page if there is any more news.

Update (12 oct): It turns out that he was a member of the “traveling community” (being oh so politically correct). The rest of his clan fled the area some weeks ago after the alleged assault was to have taken place during a late night party. It is such a shame that these people lead such a rough life. Their life expectancy is fairly short too … being only about forty or so. Ahhhh, they don’t bother me here too much so my feelings aren’t too strong about them at all.

Here’s more from the today’s Irish Independent.

Update (12 Oct 11pm): Okay, more change again. I must apologise for my mistake above. He was what is termed as a “New Age Traveller“. Basically a commune of hippies. Usually a harmless enough bunch, but obviously not in this instance. But the gardai have opened a murder investigation because the post-mortem results say that he died of “head injuries”.

Update (13 Oct): They have arrested three women in Dublin. God only knows how they found them up there, but that’s what has happened. I think this story is going to quieten down from here on in.

We’re used to hearing of murders in the cities, but out in the country it’s a rarity. Maybe after you hear about enough of them, you become cold and heartless.