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The life of Pi

I have just finished reading the Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Not having read many books in the last few years, this was a nice one to start back with. The book is a gentle read from start to finish, and reads well. There are not too many twists and turns to be honest, and at times you’d have a good idea of what was coming up next … but I didn’t mind. It was a welcome change for me as I mostly only read magazines, papers, science journals and well, all things factual. But after reading the entire book, I am left wondering at the end: “Which is the real story, the story with the tiger or the story with the cook”. We will never know!

I’m now started reading Snow by Orhan Pamuk. It promises a lot, and will be a much longer read than Pi, and much more difficult too. But I will see and I will hold my judgment until I am finished. Again, it’s borrowed from N, who has a lot of books that I would like to read, if I can only get a chance.


On Recovering … at last!

A hot lemon drink to soothe the throat

A few days ago I wrote that I wasn’t feeling the best! Now I get sick fairly rarely … so when I picked up the flu that has been going around in the last few days, I got a good dose of it. I can’t remember when I last spent three days in bed.
I’m okay now, but I’m still far from perfect, but I’m able to get around and do the daily farm work … but just the basics at the moment. I can’t do anything strenuous or I’ll relapse again for the second time. Thankfully my dad was okay and was able to manage the place while was bedridden.

I tried to stay away from people. I didn’t want to infect anyone … but of course my dad has it now and he’s just spent his third day in bed. He must bored stiff… and cursing me at the same time.

Ahhhhh, all this self-pity. If I just got up off my ass and forgot about it, all would be okay.

While I was tucked away for those few days, I started reading The Life of Pi on recommendation from friend. Well I started two months ago, but left the book on a plane after me (yes, i’m an airhead), so I’m now reading the copy I purchased to replace the old one. Reading is something I used to do a lot of when I was young, but somehow along the way, I seem to have lost the time and patience to just enjoy a good read. Nowadays I just tend to read more serious stuff like papers, journals, magazines and blogs. Factual things … but this fiction is a break into another world for me. It is a nice change. Something I would like to do a little more of.