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Rising Quickly?

It feels like I’ve been falling slowly for an eternity now … so it’s about time I got everything sorted and started posting here soon. I hope everyone had a very nice and a peaceful Christmas. Other than being abandoned for a few days, I had a quite relaxing Christmas, which was then followed by a big surprise. But it has been a nice few weeks for everyone.Here’s the Christmas tree which is destined to be uprooted tomorrow 😦 The picture does not show the star on top … and it has my shoulder too, but for now I can’t take another photo ‘cos my camera has been temporarily kidnapped. Anyway, Happy Womens Christmas to all the women out there.

Christmas Tree 2007

All Smiles

It has been a bank holiday weekend here and with the wedding, I have hardly seen a computer in the last few days (sometimes I should rejoice at this, but I feel a lot of unfinished business).The wedding was great. Lots of friends, lots of old faces and everyone enjoying themselves. There was wind and rain, but once inside in the reception … all was forgotten about. In fact I suppose I forgot about farming and everything else on a normal day until today that is and I’m back to normal this evening.

The picture above is of the happy couple on top of their wedding cake. A thick layered chocolate cake. Lovely, but oh my god it sat in my stomach for ages.

As in the picture, everyone was all smiles on Saturday. It’s a different story today. Everyone is tired and in need of lots of extra sleep. So maybe it’s time to put the figurines into their shoe box and let them rest.